What to check

when you have

no heat

  • check your thermostat

         make sure the thermostat is up

         about room temperature

  • check the emergency switch at the top

         of the basement steps

              turn off & on 

          leave in the on position

  • if it still does not start

          you will have to go

         down to the oil heater

  • look for a burner switch

          near the oil heater

            turn off & on

        leave in the on position

  • look for your reset button   

     it is usually a red button or lever

          on a gray or black control

  • now that you have  found

your reset button and your thermostat is

above room tempurture and your

emergency switch is on

burner switch is on

press your reset button once

and only once

  • if it does nothing  at all

go to your fuse or breaker box

and check them

if it still does nothing 

  •   call for service
  • if you push your reset button

and it starts but does not stay on

( do not keep pushing the button )

 ( it can flood up your chamber )

 and cost you more money to fix

  • check to see if you need oil

       if  no oil call us  to

           schedule a oil delivery

  • if you have oil

          but it shuts off

  • call for service

      I hope this was helpful     

  if you need to schedule

heater repair


clean out & tune up

Oil Heat primary control reset button
no heat check emergency oil heat switch
no heat check thermostat

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