Do you make heating oil deliveries in the summer

Yes you may call and schedule a summer oil delivery you may pay online with the credit card or debit card and yes we do accept cash for oil.

do you shut down for the summer months

No we are open all year round however the days & hours are limited in the summer months. My Father always said work hard & play hard.

When is the best time to service my heater

The best time to get you heater cleaned & tune would be in the months ofMay, June, July, August and early September is when our money-saving discounts  will save you the most money  and have the peace of mind that you are ready for the winter.

When is the best time set up the  escrow / budget

May is the ideal time. This will give you enough time to save up enough to get you through the winter.

 What is your budget / escrow account

The budget / escrow account allows you to spread your payments over the  Spring , Summer and Fall months.

how can I benefit with the budget / escrow account

The average home Burns about 800 gallons  in a year. The highest months January and February  is when you use the most of your oil.

lot's of customers buy 50 gallons at cash oil prices at the premium price this budget escrow plan will allow you to take advantage of the quantity discount and zip code special programs will save you a lot of money. Again you save us time and diesel we all save.


Payment method

We except cash, money order,debit card and all major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover card, American express

Do you offer Senior citizens discounts

yes take a look at our discount and plans page we have senior citizen discounts military discounts and several plans that offer discounts

take a look.

What is a tank whistle & vent

A whistle & vent is a part of the oil tank. When the oil goes into the oil tank is being venting out air as the oil goes through into the oil tank that produces a whistle sound letting the driver know that oil is going into a tank and be vented properly to avoid tank from rapture or popping. yes a vent and whistle are one of the most important part of a oil tank.

what makes my tank and vent go bad

​there are several things that make you vent and whistle go bad one is the condensation in your basement  builds up a small wetness inside the pipe and rust builds up after time the rest will drop in blocking the vent and whistle sometimes it will rust together and prevent venting with a high-pitched whistle this is not good and most of  the time  insects bees, water bugs and spider eggs that block a small button whistle. Yes your whistle and vent are a very important part.

What is Liheap

Is a government-funded program to help low income and senior citizens with their heating bills click on the Liheap logo on our homepage in the bottom left see if you are eligible

​do you except Liheap & crisis customers

yes we participate in Liheap and crisis  

 our vendor number is 1023574500002

paying for your oil delivery by debit card


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