In the beginning we did not sell home heating fuel oil.   My Grandfather sold ice. He started in

North Philadelphia 19132,  East Falls 19129,  Manayunk 19127,  Roxborough 19128.

 As we started selling coal not heating oil. my dad & uncle started working  at  V. Ferrante & Sons they could expand

to Fairmount 19121, Spring Garden 19122,through  North Philadelphia 19133,into  Nicetown 19140 to Germantown 19144.

 At this time  we stopped expanding so they can bring great service to our customers.

As you remember you had to look at a map no GPS , the  trucks  were not so comfortable as today and  some streets were not paved.

By this time in the late 70's. We've  moved out of East Falls we are now located in Olney at 175 w Wellens 19120  with  4 home heating fuel oil trucks as we expand to new Neighborhoods,

Logan 19141, Olney 19120, Oak Lane 19126, East Germantown 19138,  Wadsworth 19150, up to Mount Airy 19119 & Chestnut Hill 19118. 

In the 80's we started delivering in Fishtown 19125,  Richmond & Kensington 19134, Bridesburg 19137, and Frankford 19124.

As the 90's came  we expanded to Tacony 19135, Castor Garden 19149, up to Cottman Ave & Lawncrest, Lawndale and Fox Chase 19111,

by this time GPS are on the market ( WOW )  we started to move to some of Montgomery County that borded Philadelphia like  Cheltenham  &  Cheltenham Village 19012, Elkins Park 19027, Glenside 19038, and some of Jenkintown 19046.

Now, that the year 2000 came and computers did not crash we still have water & electric life goes on

by this time trucks are diesel & automatic.  Roads are now paved. No Beeper or pager or C B radios or pay phones, we now have the tools to expand to the  Great Northeast 19152, Bustleton 19115,Somerton 19116,  Torresdale 19154 ,19114 and Holmesburg 19136.

As we moved our office  to Lower Bucks County we now deliver home heating fuel oil to Feastererville, Trevose 19053 and Huntingdon Valley 19006.

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Montgomery county

​Glenside 19038

Jenkintown 19046

Elkins Park 19027

Cheltenham 19012

Huntingdon Valley 19066


Trevose 19053

Bensalem 19020

Croydon  19021​

North east Philadelphia

Tacony 19135

Castor Garden 19149

Lawncrest & Lawndale

Fox Chase 19111

Holmesburg 19136

Bustleton 19152,19115

Torresdale 19114,19154

Somerton  19116

ferrante oil


Then 1938

Philadelphia pa.

Olney & Feltonville 19120 

Logon 19141

Oak Lane 19126

West Oak Lane 19138

Wadsworth 19150

Mount Airy 19119

Germantown 19144

East Falls 19129

Roxborough 19128

Manayunk 19127

​​N. Philadelphia pa.

Nicetown 19140

Fairmount 19121

Spring Garden 19122

North Phila w 19132

West Kensington 19133

Fishtown 19125

Kensington 19134

Bridgeburg 19137

Frankford 19124 


Since 1938

four generations

into the Future with great service


Since 1938

four generations

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A Blast from the past

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