Now 2019

Then 1938

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Since 1938

four generations

Above is some pictures of the first and second generation. Some pictures are from 1938 wow and we are still here we must be doing something right

A Blast from the past

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Since 1938

four generations

ferrante oil

into the Future with great service

V. Ferrante & Sons Inc.

Did you know V. Ferrante & Sons Inc. have been servicing  the neighborhoods of Philadelphia  

  since 1938  wow 79 years!

 providing our customers with ice for there ice boxes and coal for their coal stoves now with scheduled him heating oil deliveries or same day emergency home heating fuel oil deliveries. We also provide oil burner emergency service calls. annual Clean out & tune up of your heating oil burner. You can even upgrade to get a service contracts with an technicians approval.  installations of new gas or oil furnace with or without air-conditioning systems 

In the first generation my grandfather started selling ice in North Philadelphia, East Falls , Roxborough & Manayunk 

 During the second world war he started selling bags of coal.

 When the war was over and my father & uncle came back to work with my grandfather at V. Ferrante & Sons

 they bought a coal truck and sold it by the tons.

By this time refrigerators hit the market. The icebox becomes a thing of the past.

The ice business has dwindled to nothing.

Oil heat is the new thing.

As time changes so do we  and the first home heating fuel oil truck was purchased and we became a cash heating oil discount company. The first heating oil truck was not automatic, no power steering either as a matter of fact they had to real the hose up by hand and wow we thought we had it bad.

as the heating oil business grows my father Felix signed up for classes for hearting oil burner service and installations  school at Philadelphia wireless at 15th & Pine st . (That is the same school that I went too) they would convert your old coal stove into an heating oil burner by take out the Coal grades and install a combustion chamber oil burner and usually a 275 gallon fuel oil tank was installed in the basement sometime the basement steps were too small for the heating oil tank so they would have to cut a hole in the floor and drop the tank through. man they worked hard

 Yet time still keeps going

 as the third generation comes to work yes I was part of the third-generation i remember the last coal deliveries i helped with that delivery . It was on 24th street i am so glad it was the last it took a lot more time.Than a home heating oil delivery you had to find a place to back up set the shoots and the hydraulic truck bed would lift hopefully the coal slides down but if not you had to push it down with a shovel hard work.

Now it's just home heating oil and oil burner service and we do it with pride!

 And the seeds are planted

I remember my mom making dinner and answering the phone to take a oil delivery at the same time.

I remember my dad would take a heater part off of are our heater to help a customer get through the night.

I remember my sister ,mom,and my girlfriend at the time writing addresses on postcards by hand not easy.

I remember breaking down my gas line frozed up it was 7 degrees out, my brother save the day he got me going.

I remember my mom , dad , brother"s , sister's , cousins , uncles and all the family & friends that Helped.

YES i remember where we came from that allows us to grow and continue to bring great service to you.

   Yes time goes on

​  My wife Mary and I take great pride in introducing the fourth-generation  my sons and daughters    

   now the fourth generation is no longer just a cash heating oil discount company we now offer several different plans for your heating oil purchases. We have oil burner service contracts for your oil or gas heater,  

yes installations of gas or oil furnaces or boilers too.

  V. Ferrante & Sons Inc.

Bringing you quality service and home heating oil at affordable prices.

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