Since 1938

four generations

into the Future with great serivice

ferrante oil


A Blast from the past

Then 1938


Since 1938

four generations

Now 2017

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The Wifi home heating oil gauge does several different things.

Firth of all it measure your oil tank level pretty accurately.

Second you will get alerts at 50 %

and again at 20% then 15% and every day after until you get your home heating oil

delivery is made.

Oh and yes you can see your oil levels at any time right on your smart phone or computer from anywhere you are.

How cool is that

  It can be set up for your oil tank to talk right to the oil tuck.

All of this is to prevent you from running out of home heating oil and being inconvenienced & cold along with unnecessary repair bills. 

paying for your oil delivery by debit card

The Home Heating oil gauge like no other

it's WiFi

View your Home heating oil level at any time on

your smart phone or computer

get alerts  by text or e-mail when your oil level gets low

yes I would like to order my WiFi oil gauge at 50% off and free Installation

a total cost of $75.00