A Blast from the past

Then 1938

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you will get your furnace or boiler cleaned & tune

along with our one year  parts & labor plan

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New at Ferrante oil

The block party  When you and a neighbor order home heating oil  and take delivery at the same time you will receive 5 cents off  per gallon discount

​in addition to our fuel oil discount if the two of you schedule a heater cleaning & tune up

for  the same day you take an additional $10.00 off each.


LIHEAP , CRISIS FOR Home heating fuel oil
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Since 1938

four generations

into the Future with great serivce


Since 1938

four generations

Now 2017

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Did you know  V. Ferrante & Sons Inc. has been a family owned and operated home heating fuel oil delivery company.

We've been servicing home heating fuel oil for your oil furnaces & oil boilers for years to satisfy customers since 1938 all the way up to the present day, wow 79 years.

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We have designed several different ways for you to order home heating oil and save money at the same time. We are much more than a cash heating oil company. We accept all major credit cards we offer escrow / budget accounts, we even designed the zip code special and the buddy system which saves you money on your home heating oil.

Check our Heater service page

If you have no heat our heater service page may help you get your heater going just follow the steps of our no heat checklist. If you still have a problem you can always order a service call right online or simply call us at 215-457-6700 did you know cleaning your gas/oil furnace or your gas/oil boiler once a year this will keep it   burning clean and safe and yes more efficient too.


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yes we do accept cash for oil but we prefer. money orders, online debit or credit card payments directly to our secure processing company it's just safer for the drivers.



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